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Kentucky Board of Diabetic Educators

Kentucky Board of Licensed Diabetes Educators

Click the following link for a memo from the Board regarding COVID-19: Response to COVID-19​​

The mission and purpose of the Kentucky Board of Licensed Diabetes Educators is to regulate the practice of diabetes education in Kentucky and to ensure safe and competent diabetes education to all people in the Commonwealth. The board licenses all eligible candidates for entry into the profession of diabetes education. It recommends appropriate changes in the law to assure fairness and equality. The board conducts formal hearings when necessary and prosecutes by due process any violators of KRS 309
Renewal Instructions
Click here for instructions on how to submit your online renewal for Licensed and Master Licensed Diabetes Educators (LDE and MLDE) - Deadline is Nov. 1, 2019.
Click here for instructions on how to submit your online renewal for Apprentice Diabetes Educator Permit Holders - Deadline is Nov. 1, 2019.
As a reminder, 201 KAR 45:130 requires fifteen (15) hours of continuing education for your 2019 renewal.  Continuing education hours for license renewal shall be applicable to diabetes and presented at a professional level that enhances the quality and effectiveness of diabetes self-management education.  Also, please note that under 201 KAR 45:130 Section 5, you may be subject to a random audit of your continuing education hours.  If you are audited you will be sent an audit notice in January of 2020 following this year's renewal period.  Failure to comply with the audit may subject you to disciplinary action.  For more information on continuing education, please visit the laws and regulations, which can be found under the yellow “Resources” tab at the top of the home page.


Important message regarding your 2019 renewal:
Your renewal can be submitted online with your eServices account at The Department of Professional Licensing suggests completing your renewal at least two weeks before the renewal date.
Below is useful information regarding your renewal process:

1.) OP ID number: On your email /letter renewal notice, you will find your OP ID number for login. This is a six digit number that identifies you in our system.
2.) If you have forgotten your User Name or Password: Click the Forgot Password link on the eServices log in screen - you will need your OP ID number that was provided in your email/letter renewal notice - once you enter this six digit number you will be prompted to answer your security question to access your account.
3.) Renewal Date is not your expiration date explained: Your Expiration date is the last date you may practice and bill for services and it is shown to the public and employers at online verification. If your employer is telling you that you cannot practice beyond your renewal date, that is an employer and employee issue. Medicaid has agreed and is using the online verification expiration date for their billing. The expiration date represents the end of the grace period found in your Board’s licensure regulations allowing for board imposed late fees or penalties, but you maintain the ability to practice until the shown expiration date.


Do you need to find a licensed person with the Kentucky Board of Licensed Diabeters Educators?  

You can now search the Active License Directory located here that will allow you to search for a licensed individual by Board, License Type, Region and/or County.

In addition, you can verify a license by clicking here.

*Please note: Licensees have the option to publicize information or leave it unavailable. The Department of Professional Licensing believes this information will be useful and serve public protection.


Any time that you wish to check the status of your license or print an official verification of your license, you can use the online license verification tool by clicking on “online services” in the yellow bar across the top of the page and then clicking “license verification.”

Note:  Any correspondence received in the board office or on the Kentucky Board of Licensed Diabetes Educators website becomes public information and will be shared with the board members. Comments and questions can be directed by email to the Board Administrator at     
Once licensed, the credential initials are as follows:
  • Licensed Diabetes Educators (LDE)
  • Master Licensed Diabetes Educators (MLDE)                                              

 News Releases

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Board Mission.pdf
Diabetes Educators - HB 366 Information.pdf
Diabetes Educators Licensing Announcement.pdf