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Concerns or Expectations
3/5/2012 11:46 AMEditNancy Walker2830 Epworth LaneOwensboroKY42303270-852-5454nancy.walker@grdhd.orgRDYesNoYesYesNoOver 10 Years
I hope there will an exam for competency at least for one initial licensure period. I hope that KY can bridge the gap with NCBDE and AADE so that all are working together to the betterment of our practice and for those with diabetes. This is the time to work toward a common goal of having enough trained, knowledgable diabetes educators for prevention and care of diabetes. The worst thing we can do is allow people with minimal knowledge become licensed without proving their competency in diabetes, educational practices and skills through testing. Need standarization of knowledge levels and what each can do as far as education with patients, ie: minimum standards for the person who wants to be licensed - some experience, tested knowledge and CEU requirements.
10%CDE(no title)
3/5/2012 1:39 PMEditJohn Horvath953 Overall-Phillips Rd.ElizabethtownKY42701270-763-2009jhrovath@hmh.netRNNoNoNoNoNo
Feel strongly that there should be sufficient educational background to serve as a foundation to facilitate appropriate education for diabetes patients and licensing of diabetes educators. Background should include the didactic education in advanced biological sciences as found in the medical field.
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3/5/2012 8:53 PMEditJanice Haile2357 Dundee DriveHendersonKY42420270-826-1823janice.haile@ky.govRNYesNoYesYesNoOver 10 Years
I hope our licensure board sets a precedent for the rest of the nation.  I think there has to be some sort of minimal test that needs to be administered and passed to be licensed in KY as a diabetes educator.  I would like for this to be a minimal level of knowledge test to begin practicing as a licensed diabetes educator and be in cooperation with NCBDE In order not to conflict with CDE.  Would also like the test to be a national exam not a state specific exam (like our nursing, dietetic exams, etc.) so everyone in each state (eventually) would be taking the same test.
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3/8/2012 1:50 PMEditRNYesNoYesYesNoOver 10 Years
80(no title)
3/9/2012 3:54 PMEditJane Whitehead, RN, CDE209 Delong LaneCynthianaKy41031859-234-9186jjjdjwhitehead@yahoo.comRNYesNoYesYesNoOver 10 Years
I believe that if uncertified diabetes educators are used, they should be under the direct supervision of a CDE.  There are many"diabetes educators" who do not follow guidelines of the AADE. Not all physicians are qualified diabetes educators. Why bother with a licensce if the
50%(no title)
3/9/2012 3:55 PMEditDeborah Fillman1847 Stratford DriveOwensboroKY42301270-929-3078dsfillman@roadrunner.comRDNoYesYesNoOver 10 Years
No concerns.  Expectations that we keep the professional requirements at a certain standard.  Those who have passed either a CDE or BC-ADM could be "grandfathered" in; however, others may have to take a test to be qualified along with Continuing Education.
(no title)
3/9/2012 4:03 PMEditTheresa McKinney114 North Second StreetWilliamsburgKY40769606-549-3380theresam.mckinney@ky.govRNNoYesYesYesNoOver 10 Years
50(no title)
3/9/2012 4:11 PMEditPaula Compton13 Rachel CourtPikevilleKy415016066390562RNYesNoNoNoNo3-6 Years
That it will be possible to obtain the license. The CDE credentials are difficult as I don't know if 40% of my 1000 hours required were all completed in the last year. My job with diabetes education involves a lot of classes with kids and people of all ages for prevention of type 2 diabetes as well as DSMT. I have a lot of planning and travel involved with the community work I currently do. I can't take the exam until I am sure I have the hours needed. I have been doing diabetes education for six years now.
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3/9/2012 4:22 PMEditOtherNoNoNoNoNo
I am concerned that this bill not stray too far into the territory of protecting turf.  It is vital that those that are able to be licensed as diabetes educators be well qualified - however I am concerned that this bill may impead the trend in public health education to make use of folks like health educators or training non-professional staff to provide classes like the DPP or the Stanford CDSMP program.

I want to see the license going to folks who can not jump all the catch 22 hurdles of ADA to be a CDE - but not put more of the same kind of hurdles in the way of those who could be providing education and support to those with diabetes.  We need to expand access to diabetes education - not limit it
Public Health Administrator(no title)
3/9/2012 5:40 PMEditMichael Muscarella72 Martin CirclePaducahKY42001-5410270-556-3240michaelmuscarellapt@gmail.comOtherNoYesNoNoNoOver 10 Years
Physical Therapists need to be included in SB198 and included as diabetes educators.  People who have diabetes utilize physical therapists for education and treatment.  If I am not correct, the AADE does have a PT on their board who is a CDE.  Within the scope of our practice and education, we should be included as diabetes educators as long as we pass the prerequisites as noted in the law.

Thank You,
Michael Muscarella, PT, DPT
President of the Kentucky Physical Therapy Association
3%Physical Therapist(no title)
3/9/2012 6:03 PMEditMona Huff6547 Bethlehem RoadPleasurevilleKY40057502-845-6849monahuff.henrykipda@gmail.comOtherNoNoNoNo
My job is to bring awareness and education concerning diabetes to my rural county.  Therefore, I have concerns that if you make this certification too rigid, we are going to have  greater shortage of diabetes educators in rural KY.  We have not had an educator in this county for many years.  I understand how hard it is too get education as I have had diabetes for years.  I have had my current job for 1 year and find it very difficult to get education out here.  Obivoulsy, there is no money so I am begging people to give of their time.  Many of our folks do not have insurance nor transportation funds to go to neighboring county hospitals for classes.
Diabetes Community Organizer (no title)
3/10/2012 12:41 PMEditBrenda Weedman403 William Brown Rd.RussellvilleKY42276270-542-8593brenda.weedman@topper.wku.eduOtherNoNoNoNoNo
I have 28yrs personal experience living with Type1.  I whole heartedly support licensure for DE.  Please assure that DE practitioners have the necessary formal education in physiology, pharmacology, nutrition, education, and disease processes associated with diabetes to train patients in all facets of bg control and complication prevention.  On the job training or training in just one of these named areas is not adequate.  A DE needs to be equipped to provide 1:1 patient counseling in all areas related to DSME.  The more professionals a patient has to see to get total care, the less likely they are to do it (personal experience).  Being an MD should not automatically qualify an individual to be a diabetes educator.  MDs do well at prescribing and monitoring disease process and complications, but are not always equally well equipped to assist with daily diabetes mgmt problem solving, which includes both equipment/technical and emotional/behavioral factors.  The need for DEs is critical to preventing overload of health care facilities and resources due to sheer numbers of patients and disease complications.  Please streamline the licensure process for those qualified, so we can get to work where it matters.  Where you are able, please endeavor to improve/equalize access to DE in rural areas of KY as well as the metropolitan hubs.  Thank you for leading this issue!    
10%, informalcurrent BSN student w/ goal of CDE by 2013(no title)
3/10/2012 9:15 PMEditBrandon Hale, PharmD1713 Oak Hill DriveMurrayKY42071(270) 226-5489brandonmhale@gmail.comRPhNoYesYesNoNoLess than 1 year
As a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump, I have experienced first-hand how difficult it is to find diabetes educators in my area. As a result of this, I directed myself toward the pharmacy field, as I believe that pharmacists are uniquely positioned to assist with medication management, as well as management of delivery devices such as insulin pumps. I was excited to learn that Kentucky was creating a true license for diabetes educators, and now that I am nearing 1 year from my graduation, I cannot wait to begin working toward my CDE/LDE! I hope to see the license include many often overlooked advanced topics such as insulin pump adjustments/managements; getting the most out of insulin pump therapy using advanced features (different bolus waveforms, CGMS systems, etc); dealing with psychosocial issues involving the disease; as well as personalizing medication regimens for type 2 diabetics.
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3/12/2012 8:43 AMEditmavis lowe911 bypass rd.pikevilleKY41501606-218-3513mavis.lowe@pikevillehospital.orgAPRNNoYesYesYesNoOver 10 Years
The current list of qualifications for diabetes educator licensure such as taking the "Core Concepts Course with demonstrable experience in the care of people with diabetes under supervision that meets requirements specified in the administrative regulations promulgated by the board" without a measurement of expertise, such as an exam, is not equivalent to the CDE qualification.
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3/12/2012 9:08 AMEditJudy Greenwell108 New Glendale Road, PO Box 2609ElizabethtownKY42702270-769-1601 x 1006judyc.greenwell@ky.govRNYesNoYesYesNoOver 10 Years
I do not want people professional or non professional making false claims that they can cure diabetes. There is a great deal of knowledge that comes with a CDE and I am not sure that unlicensed people can educate people about diabetes.
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3/12/2012 11:12 AMEditMarisa McLin100 Glenns Creek RoadFrankfortKY 40509(505) 564-7647marisamclin@hotmail.comRDNoYesNoNoNo6-10 Years
I think licensing will be great as long as it does not become just another fee that we have to pay.  For instance, if the insurance companies do not follow along and change their policies to meet this change it will not benefit us financially as much.  There are still many insurance companies that will not pay for an RD to counsel a person with diabetes but they will pay a CDE.  I am hoping that once this passes the license will be considered enough and we will all then be able to charge for our services. I would like for someone to communicate with these companies and get the process started (if it is not already started)  then let all of us know the progress.  I have heard a lot of talk about the possibilities but to my knowledge this has not been confirmed.  Thank you so much.
Now 20% but in the past much more(no title)
3/12/2012 1:05 PMEditDiane Eakles1109 State StreetBowling GreenKY 42101270-781-8039 ext 186diane.eakles@barrenriverhealth.orgRNYesNoNoNoNo3-6 Years
I would like for my workplace to be able to bill for the diabetic services I provide as an RN.

I don't want the liscense fee to be outrageous.
I don't want to have to  earn more CEUs in addition to the ones I need for my RN licensure.
90%(no title)
3/12/2012 1:36 PMEditMary M Beville405 Nevis 10 Years
I am concerned that those obtaining licensure may not be trained or have the experience of dealing with diabetes patients that they need to do a good job.
75(no title)
3/12/2012 2:10 PMEditDiane Sprowl704 Wintergreen Ct.Bowling GreenKY42104270-782-7273diane.sprowl@gmail.comRDNoNoNoNoNo
I supervise staff who provide diabetes education.  One of my staff is a health educator who was trained on Diabetes Self-Management Education curriculm by the KY Dept. for Public Health.  She has been providing DSME for approximately five years now, working closely with RD's and RN's.  I am concerned that licensure would prevent her from being able to provide services.
0(no title)
3/12/2012 2:16 PMEditKImberly Jackson RN,BSN,CDE400 East Gray Street, Room 6LouisvilleKY40202502-574-5285Kimberly.Jackson@louisvilleky.govRNYesYesYesNoOver 10 Years
My concern is whether they will have to sit for an exam to show what expertise they have, if they are not already a CDE. Thanks
90%(no title)
3/12/2012 5:32 PMEditCarol R. HIsle2837 Kiddville RoadWinchesterKY40391RNNoYesYesYesNoOver 10 Years
When and how do I recieve my license.

Will this license ensure quality diabetes education or will higher providers such as MDs and hospitals utilize less experienced personnel - working under a physicians license or an ARNP license to provide this without adequate qualitfications.

60%(no title)
3/13/2012 8:44 AMEditBarbara L. BairdP.O. Box 326HydenKy41749606-672-2393Barbara.Baird@Ky.govRDNoYesNoYesNoOver 10 Years
Hope that the ceu requirement will be on same timetable as licensure for dietitians & nurses in Ky. (Nov 1-Oct31 each yr.) I would think 15 ceu per yr. is adequate. This would give us the 75 needed for renewal of cde each 5 yrs.
80%(no title)
3/13/2012 9:48 AMEditMarcy Conner130 East Water StreetMaysvilleKY41056606 564 9447connermarcy@ky.govRNNoYesYesNoNoLess than 1 year
I have completed the DSME-T  Comprehensive curriculum.  Does that qualify for being able to provide diabetes education?
1/5(no title)
3/14/2012 9:14 AMEditSharon Adcock, RN, BSN, CDE1025 New Moody LaneLaGrangeKY40031502-222-3344sharon.adcock@bhsi.comRNYesYesYesNoOver 10 Years
It is extremely important to have licensed diabetes educators because patients need to be educated on all the important aspects of diabetes.  Prior to becoming a diabetes educator, I did not have adequate knowledge (even as a RN) to teach patients how to control their diabetes.
Granted, we do need more educators because the demand is great, but allowing  any healthcare provider (LD, RD, RN, PharmD, etc) to provide this education, although well-intended, I believe is doing a disservice to the patient, who may believe that they now know all they need to know to take care of their diabetes!
90%(no title)
3/14/2012 12:29 PMEditvalerie morgan224 summer place drivetaylorsvilleky40071502-899-6581valerie.morgan@nortonhealthcare.orgRNYesYesYesNo6-10 Years
What testing will be involved for non CDE holders?
How do you evaluate if the person is following standards of practice for diabetes care?
75%(no title)
3/15/2012 9:47 AMEditJamie Lee189 Hadley BlvdRussell SpringsKY42642270-866-2812jamiel.lee@lcdhd.orgRNYesNoYesYesNo3-6 Years
1)  Need to be LICENSED professionals.
2)  Need to have training rquirements as well as an exam for licensure.
3) Needs to have continuing education requirements.
4) Needs to have a cost - we value things more if we have to pay.  Sad, but true.
5) Regulatory board must be in place with DETAILED plan BEFORE this goes into place.  No flying the plane while we are building it...
6) Would really like to see licensure work with NCBDE - if someone is able to attain licensure, this should count for 1/2 needed hours to sit for CDE exam or something...
100%(no title)
3/15/2012 4:19 PMEditDana Graves301 Hawthorne DriveNicholasvilleKY40356859-321-3384gravesdb@sjhlex.orgRNYesYesYesNoOver 10 Years
If I am already a CDE then why the licensing?
It would be one more thing to have to pay for.
I think it would be nice to have a simple bullit point document to explain all this.
50%(no title)
3/16/2012 8:45 AMEditJulie Steber19 Hamon DriveDanvilleKY40422859-583-9703juliem.steber@ky.govRDNoYesYesYesNoOver 10 Years
10(no title)
3/20/2012 2:00 PMEditJoan Geohegan870 Estella CtFlorenceKY41042859-462-1317smartblnde@yahoo.comRNYesNoYesYesNo3-6 Years
I am concerned that physicians who are not qualified will
continue to 'educate' their patients on diabetes. I fully believe physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician
assistants who provide diabetes education to clients should have a license to show they really know what they are doing. 
As an employee who provides DSME/T to people, I have a
nurse call me on occasion to 'educate' me about what I
should do to improve my diabetes health/control.  The information given is oftentimes incorrect.  I would not know this if I were not a CDE.  Physicians give incorrect information to my clients frequently, such as:  avoid anything white, or eat no more than 20 grams of carbs at each meal.  Both of these pieces of 'education' were allegedly given to patients last week by primary care physicians.
A conversation with the administrative representative, who asked the curriculum committee chair person, how many hours about diabetes their medical students receive is about 22 hours.  Core Concepts provides more than that!
Licensing MAY help quality information to be distributed to our population with diabetes.  Those medical 'professionals' who distribute misinformation should be reprimanded, and the licensing may give an avenue for that to occur.

75%(no title)
3/20/2012 3:31 PMEditKim2005RichmondKY40475623-3333kdecoste@bellsouth.netRNYesNoYesYesNoOver 10 Years
85(no title)
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